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Below is a list of some of the recent projects by our GreenPesa team


Main-street Energy Treasure Hunt, Delaware

  • Funding for this venture came from Energize Delaware

  • Directly engaged +120 small businesses on energy efficiency

  • Completed 11 level 1 energy audits; identifying >$ 50,000 in potential energy cost savings in Newark, Delaware

  • Developed and pre-tested the GreenPesa Auto-Energy Auditor Mobile App - for completing energy audits remotely.

  • Developed a small business energy-efficiency assessment manua

Newark Mainstreet.jpg

Status: Completed

Energy Company in Ohio

  • Energy Star portfolio manager assessment​

  • Commercial building energy audit (2018 baseline).​

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) assessment for Scope 1-3 using the GHG Protocol (2018 baseline).

  • Smart Commute program design

  • Financial modeling for a 500kWp solar car-park plant.

Status: Completed

University of Delaware

  • Energy Star bench-marking assessment for 15 buildings

  • Campus wide sustainability behavior engagement of students.

  • Members of our team served on the UD Carbon Neutral sub-committee.

Status: Completed


Legal Firm, Delaware

Data on a Touch Pad
  • Energy Star bench-marking assessment 2 office units

  • Energy Bill auditing

  • Piloting the GreenPesa Auto-Energy Auditor web-app

  • Smart Commute program

  • Financial modelling for priority energy efficiency projects.

  • Carbon offset of emissions to achieve Carbon neutral status by 2030

Status: Ongoing


Aerial View of River

International NGO

  • Undertook a socio-economic assessment for three river catchments 

  • Assessment results in recommendations for improved intergrated water resources management program 

Status: Completed



  • Co-led the contribution analysis study for IUCN Uganda Forest program (Full report here;

  •  Completed IUCN's "Towards Pro-Poor REDD+ (Phase II)" program evaluation report

  • Undertook an assessment and training on mainstreaming pro-poor and Human Rights-Based Approaches in REDD+ Initiatives in Uganda

River Valley

Status: Completed

Forest Trees


  • Examining policy options for sustainable forest management

  • GIS assessment of forest cover change across three decades

  • Designing a mobile-based app, ForestPesa for incentivizing smallholder forest owners towards sustainable forest management outcomes. 

  • ForestPesa was selected among the winners for the inaugural Beyond Tourism Challenge by WWF Africa, Luc Hoffmann Institute, and Africa Leadership University (ALU).

Status: Ongoing

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