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About us

Founded in 2019, GreenPesa has become a leading provider of technical advisory and consulting services on various environmental sustainability issues ranging from innovative climate change solutions, renewable energy & energy efficiency services, integrated water management, and biodiversity conservation solutions among others.


The global energy sector is the biggest contributor to global climate change, accounting for upwards of 60% of all green house gases that cause climate change. GreenPesa works with various stakeholders to support practical solutions to energy resilience and sustainability through best-in-class renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. We work with various partners at the federal/national levels, and state level, businesses, communities, households, and individuals who can all play important and different roles in ensuring enabling the world meet the required transition to a sustainable energy future. 


We provide technical advisory services to support access to better water quality and quantities in a variety of settings with a particular focus on low to medium-income communities. With a changing climate, water quality and quantity are likely to be further compromised by old and new challenges including pollution (lead, PFAS, microplastics, etc). The good news is that the technology and financing to address these issues exist, however innovative approaches, communications, and policy programs are urgently needed especially in many underserved communities.    

Nature-Based Solutions 

We support a wide variety of nature-based solutions to addressing various environmental and social challenges. Take, for example, our work on forests. Both natural and novel forest ecosystems can play important tangible and intangible roles ranging from the removal of excess carbon from the atmosphere that causes climate change; providing habitat to diverse wildlife species, soil and water conservation but also in improving air quality, as well as lowering HVAC costs in urban areas. Our consulting team has strong experiences in both the research and application of practical nature-based solutions including forestry in various contexts be that innovations that lead to the restoration of degraded forests habitats from decades of oil and gas developments, designing community initiatives for forest landscape restoration or the smart use of incentives using mobile technologies as our work in "ForestPesa" demonstrates.  

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