About us

GreenPesa - saves small business owners up to +30% of their electrical bills using IoT energy sensors & smart incentives. 


Energy efficiency 

We use best in class energy assessment techniques IoT software and web-based energy management dashboards to accurately (99%) monitor and optimize electrical power systems for small business saving them money and allowing them stay focused on their core business operations. Our IoT sensors enable real-time electrical energy monitoring and visualization.

We understand that small businesses don't use energy - people do. This is why we focus on behavior engagement through education and incentivizing behavior change for long-term power cost-reduction benefits that benefit small businesses and the planet.

Based in Newark, Delaware - GreenPesa helps small business owners save money on energy bills while reducing emissions that cause climate change. We deploy IoT sensors and mobile apps that help small business owners assess, design, and finance energy efficiency projects which reduce both energy costs and Green House Gas emissions by up to 40%. Our projects also provide good jobs in energy installation and data analytics for young people which increases both the social and environmental resilience of the communities we work.